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The Book Tree
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The Book Tree: A Christian Reference for Children's Literature

Foreword by George Grant

Once upon a time, a carpenter entered a forest and happened upon a wolf wearing a feathered cap. Quick--whose side are you on? If you don't know, we suggest reading a hearty round of fairy tales.

Stories provide a roadmap for life. This is because stories are life. But oftentimes it's easiest to understand where we are when we can look through other eyes--from the perspective of someone else, living somewhere else, somewhen else.

If you thought you knew The Book Tree, think again. Jane and Elizabeth have updated this charming book with over 100 new book reviews, and whimsical illustrations from recommended titles are scattered throughout. New formatting and four indexes (title, author, illustrator, and subject) make it easier than ever to browse for that next well-worn favorite.

For those beginning to read for the first time or those beginning to read
again, The Book Tree will drop golden apples in your lap, until you can climb high enough to pick for yourself.

"In a day and age when reading good books has never been of greater need for our children, parents and teachers owe Elizabeth McCallum and Jane Scott a deep debt of gratitude for the wonderful service they have provided by compiling this updated second edition of their book. It is a mandatory companion for any home or school."
Patch Blakey, Executive Director, Association of Classical & Christian Schools

"This new edition of The Book Tree is a valuable resource for either professional or personal users." Donna W. Bowling, Christian Library Journal

"This book will most certainly appeal to that breed apart--all those who nurture literary affections....How appropriate that a mother and her daughter--Elizabeth McCallum and Jan Scott--should have given us such a delectable treat....I think you'll find that their accurate descriptions, careful recommendations, and cogent insights will prove to be as delightful as they will be invaluable." George Grant, president of King's Meadow Study Center

Pages/Media: 280
Author: Elizabeth McCallum and Jane Scott
Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Language: English

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