• Copy of Biblical Family Economics

    Christianity has been reduced to the plucking of souls from hell. We no longer stake our claim to a full orbed world and life view; a religion that transforms individuals, families, societies and nations. Rather we are fed a Christianity that is a no rules, exclusive relationship with Jesus in our tiny weeny hearts. Quite frankly, it’s absurd. Religion means bond. It is our covenant or promissory bond to God through the blood of Christ shed for us. The whole worldview of "not polishing the brass of a sinking ship" pervades western Christendom. This modern impotent gospel denies the very Lordship of Christ over all of life and thus leads to an obscure Christianity good for the waste paper bin of history. And so Western civilisation or Christendom is crumbling around our very eyes. Friends, the powerful gospel of Jesus has been blurred. We have sold our birth right for a pot of stew. It is our responsibility to navigate back to the old paths, to study the Scriptures and apply them as the only rule for all of faith and life.

  • Copy of Biblical Family Economics 3

    This is the second installemof a four part mini series. It sits atop the first wherein I built the case from the Scriptures that God established His kingdom in the first century AD and we are living in it now. We are working towards discipling the nations, teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded (Genesis 1 through Revelation 22) and we do this through the mindset or worldview of seeking first the kingdom (Matthew 6:33). Every kingdom is governed by a ruler, a sovereign. This sovereign determines the rules for day-to-day life within his kingdom, the law of the Kingdom. He determines good from evil in every context of faith and life (Genesis 3:5, Isaiah 45:5-10). In talk one I established for you that Christ is the new king, He is the sovereign who is seated on the position of power at the right hand of the Father. It is He who is ruling the nations of this world even now. And the kingdom of God is essentially the reign and rule of the Messiah over heaven and earth. And He will rule until all of His enemies are placed under His feat as a footstool. He reigns until His bride, the Church, has discipled the nations to the glory of the Father and in the power of the Spirit.

  • Copy of Biblical Family Economics 5

    In this article we are going to look at the doctrine of work. It’s another cog in the Biblical economics wheel. It is important. But unfortunately the doctrine of work has been lost among the Protestant church in the last 50 years. We tend to become all clammy when we hear something about work as we falsely associate work in general and the doctrine of salvation by works. Nothing in this talk implies a theology of salvation by works. We were once dead in our sins and transgressions, not sick. We were once a field or sack of lifeless bones. Then Christ died for us. He redeemed us through His blood. Friends we could not even see the kingdom of heaven before being born again. The Holy Spirit removes our hearts of stone and gives us a new one of flesh whereupon the Law of God is written. As a new creation we repent and seek to faithfully obey our new King in every area of life. This talk deals with how we are to live as Christians.

  • Copy of Biblical Family Economics 6

    Now, we are in a position to tie all of these foundational things together and apply what we have learnt to the family law or economics. God designed the family as the building block for civilisation. You cannot have a flourishing civilisation with weak, apathetic and lethargic families. What we are experiencing now is the crumbling of western civilisation all around us. Abortion, same sex marriage, euthanasia and all the other advances of secular humanism are the result of the church turning her back on the Word of God and fathers failing to be faithful with their duties towards their wife and children. The family unit has disintegrated over the last 50-100 years, divorce rates are high and the number of children who are raised by one of their two biological parents is skyrocketing. In fact I was reading an article the other night that sighted an OECD study. This study indicated that out of 27 industrialised countries surveyed New Zealand had the third highest rate of children living in a single parent home environement. 23.9% of all children in your nation live without both of their biological parents. That’s nearly 1 child in every 4. The average across the entire survey was 14.9%.

  • Healer of the Nations

    Does the Bible have answers for the overwhelming problems of international relations and foreign policy?

    Yes. Absolutely.

    We are in the midst of a massive global crisis of confidence. War and rumors of wars have made detente nigh unto impossible. Enmity and strife pervade every summit. Envy and suspicion cloud every treaty. Avarice and schism threaten every alliance.

    Most international theorists and foreign policy analysts can't offer much hope in the way of change. They simply don't have answers.

    But the Bible does.

    In this volume of the ground-breaking Biblical Blueprints Series, Dr. Gary North outlines specifically what those answers are. He shows how the obstacles to justice, peace, and harmony can be overcome - if only we would act decisively and Scripturally.

    The Bible tell us what to do, when, where, how, and why. It offers us "blueprints" for global security. Healer of the Nations lays out those "blueprints" simply, practically, and understandably. It demonstrates that despite the pessimism of the experts there is still hope for our world.

    Paperback 470 pages

    You can download a free PDF of this entire book here.

  • Liberating Planet Earth

    Does the Bible have answers for the complex challenges of Marxism, Communism, Liberation Theology, and New Age Humanism?

    Yes. Absolutely.

    Desperate cries for liberation sound around the globe. Oppression, injustice, and abject need pockmark every continent and every nation. Quite naturally, Marxists, Socialists, and various other Humanists rush in to exploit the discontent with promises of liberty and justice for all.
    Sadly, the Church has not responded in kind. Bible teachers and professional theologians have either bought the lies of the Humanists or they have been altogether silent. They simply don't have answers.

    But the Bible does.

    In this volume of the ground breaking Biblical Blueprint Series,
    Dr. Gary North outlines specifically what those answers are. He demonstrates that the only true hope for liberating the nations is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    The Bible tells us what to do, when, where, how, and why. It offers us a "blueprint" for liberation. Liberating Planet Earth lays out that "blueprint" simply, practically, and understandably.

    Softcover 190 pages.
    You can download an entire PDF copy of this book here.

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