End Times

  • Against Dispensationalism: Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy

    Format: DVD/NTSC/Color/Stereo
    Encoding: Region Free
    Language: English
    Approximately 420 minutes
    Year: 2009

    These seven lectures were filmed at NiceneCouncil.com's 2008 Conference, "Against Dispensationalism: Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy." The three speakers are former dispensationalists:

    Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (Th.D.), Director of NiceneCouncil.com
    Kenneth G. Talbot (Ph.D.), President, Whitefield Theological Seminary
    Jerry Johnson (M. Phil.), CEO of NiceneCouncil.com.

    This two DVD set is divided into seven segments totaling nearly seven hours of lectures:

    1. "Literally Abused: The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism" (Johnson)
    2. "The Harlot Rides the Beast" (Gentry)
    3. "Not All of Israel is Israel" (Johnson)
    4. "Matthew and the Demise of Israel" (Gentry)
    5. "Against Dispensationalism" Part I (Talbot)
    6. "Against Dispensationalism" Part II (Talbot)
    7. Roundtable Discussion (Q&A)

    These lectures provide deep insights into both dispensationalism's errors, as well biblical eschatology itself. Recommened for personal study and group Bible study / discussion groups.

  • Antichrist Revealed

    In the last one hundred years dispensationalists have, by the thousands thrown their hats into the ring trying to guess who Antichrist is, what country he will come from, how old he will be, and most importantly when he will be revealed.

    During an interview with Eternity magazine 1977 Hal Lindsey stated, "In my personal opinion, he is alive somewhere now."

    Regrettably, most dispensational authors ignore the failed, man-made predictions of the past and continue to believe that Antichrist will soon appear on the world stage.

    Join Jerry Johnson, President of Apologetics Group &www.NiceneCouncil.com as he explains why most self-proclaimed prophecy experts totally overlook the Apostle John's direct statements of who, what and when antichrist is.

    If you have been following the dispensationalist arguments you may find this surprising: the least helpful verses for developing the doctrine of Antichrist are the only ones that expressly use the word "Antichrist"! Something is wrong here. And this DVD pinpoints the problem. Contemporary Antichrist thinking may be exciting, but it is not biblical. Watch this clear and compelling presentation and learn why.

    Product Details

    Format: Region Free DVD
    Producer: www.NiceneCouncil.com
    Run Time: 55 minutes


    Israel, is that piece of dirt in the Middle East still central to God's plans? Many believe so. There are huge numbers of Christians who eagerly watch the Middle East news to foretell Christ's return. Numerous modern Christians feel that the ethnic Jews, as a special people, still hold the central role in God’s plans. Even more Christians believe the physical land of Israel is still significant in Biblical prophecy and history. Are these things so?

    Understanding the rich Bible story of Israel's mission and how Jesus, Jewish Messiah, fulfilled and transformed Israel and her story through His death, resurrection and ascension. The first century changed the course of history forever. It is the central point of God's dealings with His creation. Christ, the true Jew and Israelite is now the central body to all of God's plans.

  • Left Behind - Separating Fact from Fiction

    This is a brand new version of End Times Fiction featuring a new chapter on '"The Remnant," updated statistics, and a larger easy-to-read format.

    Will Any Actually Be Left Behind?

    You might think so, if you've read Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series (written with Jerry Jenkins). You can be convinced that the Bible specifically teaches that in the end times Christians will be rescued from a terrible seven-year tribulation period while unbelievers will remain on earth to be subjected to countless horrors at the hands of the antichrist.

    In Left Behind: Separating Fact From Fiction, Gary DeMar takes a critical look at the theology behind this popular fiction series and challenges readers to consider a different interpretation.

    With confidence based on years of biblical study, DeMar carefully examines eleven major components of the pre-tribulation rapture theology and offers clear, convincing alternatives to the interpretations of Bible prophecy presented in Left Behind.

    What difference does it make what we believe about the end times anyway? DeMar addresses that question as well, showing how our point-of-view regarding end-times prophecies affects the way we live each day. In addition, DeMar answers skeptics who use failed end-times predictions to disprove the Bible.

    Giving us a different perspective on the end times, this approach to the Bible could revolutionize the life of the church.


    It started with The Late Great Planet Earth and continues with the Left Behind series, books on prophecy and the end-times that seem to hold the public in thrall. Never mind that none of the things predicted in these books will ever take place - except the Second Coming of Christ - because they are based on faulty interpretations of Scripture. In Left Behind: Separating Fact From Fiction, Gary DeMar brilliantly skewers all the current pretentious prophecy claims, showing how they have no biblical support, and returns sanity to Christian hopes for the future.
    ~Paul Maier, Professor of Ancient History, WMU, bestselling author of the novel Skeleton in God's Closet

    About the Author: Gary DeMar is the President of American Vision. Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. In 2007, he earned his Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual History from Whitefield Theological Seminary. Author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

    Specifications: softcover 245 pages

    © 2009 The American Vision, Inc.

  • Matthew 24 Fulfilled

    Rev. Bray says "Present-day students of eschatology seem woefully ignorant of the writings of past theologians on these subjects. There was a time (prior to the mid-1800s) when the most prominent interpretation of Matthew 24 was from the preterite standpoint, and the dating of the book of Revelation was believed to be at an earlier date than is now believed." Representing a lifetime of Biblical research and years of garnering rare Bible commentaries from the greatest libraries around the world, Matthew 24 Fulfilled restores a Biblical interpretation of prophecy and gives a careful verse-by-verse exposition of the pivotal Chapter 24 of Matthew's Gospel. Presenting the historical context and Biblical background to Christ's prophecy, Rev. Bray gives a compelling case that Matthew 24 was indeed fulfilled in A.D. 70.

    Paperback: 336 pages
    Publisher: American Vision; 5th Edition edition (December 31, 2009)

  • Postmillennialism Made Easy

    The Made Easy Series books are designed to "provide substantial studies on significant issues in a succinct and accessible format from an evangelical and Reformed perspective." Our new book Postmillennialism Made Easy does just that. It is an excellent resource for personal Bible study, Sunday school classes, neighborhood Bible studies, or simply to hand out to friends who are interested in eschatology.

    The average Bible-believing Christian today believes that we are living in the shadow of the Second Coming. Consequently, they hold no long-range view of the future because they expect the Rapture to snatch them out of the world at any minute.

    Postmillennialism, however, offers Christians an exciting hope-filled view of the future that encourages long-term planning and diligent labor for the glory of God. Postmillennialists believes that "the gospel is the power of God unto salvation" (Rom 1:16) and that "the earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof" (Psa 24:1).

    Thus, postmillennialists are committed to the world-conquering task that the Lord Jesus Christ gave his Church just before ascending to the right of God in heaven: "Go, make disciples of all the nations" (Matt 28:19). They are confident in Christ's promise: "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself" (John 12:32).

    On the basis of these and many other Scripture passages, postmillennialism offers an optimistic outlook on the future, urging Christians to believe that "your labor is not in vain in the Lord" (1 Cor 15:58).

    In this Made Easy Series book you will find a clear and succinct presentation of postmillennialism. You may also find your Christian life changed as you study the case for postmillennialism from creation through redemption to consummation.


    1. Introduction
    2. Moses and the Postmillennial Hope
    3. The Prophets and the Postmillennial Hope
    4. Christ and the Postmillennial Hope
    5. Paul and the Postmillennial Hope
    6. The Great Tribulation and the Postmillennial Hope
    7. Special Issues and the Postmillennial Hope
    8. Objections to the Postmillennial Hope
    9. Conclusion

    Select Scripture Index
    Subject Index

    Format: Paperback
    Number of Pages: 192

  • crush satan under feetRomans 16:20; "And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen."

  • The Beast of Revelation

    Here Is Wisdom. Let Him Who Has Understanding Calculate The Number Of The Beast.

    One of the greatest mysteries of all time is the identity of the dread Beast of the Book of Revelation. The Bible describes him as the ultimate villain in human history. He is the archetype of evil. He is the very incarnation of wickedness and perversion. It is not at all surprising then that many of the brightest minds throughout history have sought to identify and expose him.

    Unfortunately, a great majority of those diligent detectives missed one of the most important clues-if not the most important clue-to solving the mystery. That clue according to Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., is when and to whom the Apostle John actually wrote the Book of Revelation in the first place.

    Following that clue, he is able to blow away the dusts of time that have masked the evil culprit's identity for so very long. Like any good detective, Dr. Gentry lets the evidence speak for itself and he lets you weigh all the facts to decide for yourself. But be forewarned: He has constructed an iron-clad case. This book is thus likely to revolutionize your interpretation of the mystery of the Beast-and the rest of the Book of Revelation as well.

    Paperback: 246 pages
    Publisher: American Vision (March 1, 2002)
    Language: English

    You can download a free PDF copy of this book here.

  • The Book of Revelation Made Easy

    With 22 chapters of symbolism, mysterious characters, and apocalyptic drama—all told in "picture language" unmatched in the rest of Scripture­—the book of Revelation is difficult enough on its own.

    But in ignoring the Apostle John's clear directives for interpreting his prophecies, contemporary theologians have wrested Revelation away from its first-century context and perverted its significance for the church—then and now­—often turning the book into a stumbling block.

    Now in its second edition, Kenneth Gentry's The Book of Revelation Made Easy seeks to pry John's narrative of the victory of Christ's bride out of the grip of speculative futurists, and put it back in the hands of everyday Christians.

    Revelation is the most Hebraic of all the New Testament books, and no student of the Word can afford to miss its clear connections with the figures, language, and imagery of Old Testament literature in bringing the story of God's covenant to a close.

    Relying heavily on Old Testament prophecy and first-century history, Gentry provides his reader with the essential keys for unlocking the text—the guideposts necessary for following its winding paths and discerning its key figures and their roles—and without indulging in tedious detail.

    The Book of Revelation Made Easy—a short, lively, and topical study that will help you understand Bible prophecy better.

    About the Author: Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. received an M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary and a Th.D. from Whitfield Theological Seminary, and has authored several books on prophecy including Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelationand The Beast of Revelation. Ken is a widely respected lecturer, author, and scholar. He is married, has three children and two grandchildren.

    Specifications: softcover 157 pages

  • The Early Church and the End of the World

    The claim has been made by a number of prophecy writers that the early church was predominately premillennial on millennial issues and exclusively futuristic on almost everything else. This means that early Christian writers who commented on prophetic passages like the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) believed and wrote that the biblical authors were always referring to events in the distant future just before the return of Christ.

    While these claims have been made with certainty, there has always been a lack of clear historical documentation to back them up. Sometimes the historical record has been stretched and exaggerated to fit an already developed theory. But since the futurist perspective has been promoted as an early church reality by so many for so long, few people today actually question it. The Early Church and the "End of the World" is the first book to question the prevailing futurist view by a careful study of the historical record.

    The Early Church and the "End of the World" asks this fundamental question: What did the earliest of the early Christian writers actually believe about prophetic events? We can only answer this question by actually studying what they wrote. Unfortunately, we do not have a complete record of the period. To make our historical investigation even more difficult, there are translation issues. Many of the works of those who wrote soon after the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and beyond remain untranslated.

    This book seeks to remedy some of these problems. Thomas Ice, in his chapter on the history of preterism in The End Times Controversy, makes some bold historical claims that cannot be supported when the historical record is actually analyzed. The early church was not monolithic in its views of Bible prophecy. There was no unanimous acceptance of either premillennialism or a distant futurism.

    The Early Church and the "End of the World" will show that some of the earliest writers, most likely writing before the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, were referring to the judgment coming of Jesus, an event that the gospel writers tell us was to take place before that first-century generation passed away (Matt. 24:34). Adding to the confirmation of this view are the writings of the church's first historian, Eusebius Pampilus of Caesarea, whose Ecclesiastical History is a window on the first few centuries of the church.

    In addition, Francis Gumerlock has undertaken the task of translating a number of ancient and medieval commentators who have written on Matthew 24. He shows that many early and medieval writers believed that these prophecies had already been fulfilled before the end of Jerusalem, that is, before its destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70.

  • The Late Great Planet Church DVD

    "It is my conviction that many who are presently disposed toward Dispensationalism would not be victims of the system if they were better acquainted and informed about the system and its history - its theological roots and the doctrinal errors it has spawned." -- The Late Ernest Reisinger, Pastor Emeritus, Grace Baptist Church, Coral Springs, FL

    Many Christians today read their Bibles through the lens of pop-prophecy books like The Late Great Planet Earth and the Left Behind series. They naively believe the prophetic schemes and theological presuppositions expressed in these and other fictional writings represent the doctrinal positions that Christians down through the centuries have embraced. However, that is far from the truth.

    Volume One of The Late Great Planet Church: The Rise of Dispensationalism is the first documentary of its kind. It exposes this erroneous system of thought as breaking continuity with history --- and even the very Word of God. In this first volume we will examine the beginnings, beliefs, and motivations of this innovative movement by focusing on its relatively recent development, stormy history and its most influential proponents.

    Hosted by Jerry Johnson, President of The Nicene Council and The Apologetics Group, this documentary features pastors, theologians, and historians, who at one time were strongly committed dispensationalists. Several of these men even trained at dispensational academic institutions before abandoning the system. They have since rejected this system as thoroughly unbiblical, viewing it as a stumbling block to the Church and a distraction from the Great Commission.


    Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.
    Gary DeMar, Ph.D.
    George Joseph Gatis, Ph.D., Th.D., J.D.
    Tom Ascol, Ph.D.
    Kenneth G. Talbot, Ph.D., Th.D.
    Tom Nettles, Ph.D.
    R. Fowler White, Ph.D.
    E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.
    Rev. Michael Leach, M.Div.
    David Lutzweiler, B.A. Theo.

    Specifications: all regions DVD, 120 minutes

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