• Dark MOFO Winter Feast

    **Language warning for the faint of heart**

    Hobart is considered a Mecca for alternative art and food. Fresh produce and dark art comingle. Trade is booming. It’s all about the economy, right? Let’s leave the food for another discussion. Artists are a free lot. They don’t want stupid rules. Norms are there to be challenged. Laws are made to be bent and broken. Artistic expression transcends all things. So we are led to believe. Every raised eyebrow and furrowed brow is a sign of a bygone era, an age of religious bigotry. And it was boring as all hell anyway. Are you with me?

  • dark mofo 2017

    A lyrical approach to Dark MOFO 2017, prior to a more detailed critique of David Walsh and his cultural revolution. Thanks, Creedence Clearwater Revival! It makes it better if you hum There's a Bad Moon A-Rising while reading.

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