The Beast of Revelation

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The Beast of Revelation
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The Beast of Revelation

Here Is Wisdom. Let Him Who Has Understanding Calculate The Number Of The Beast.

One of the greatest mysteries of all time is the identity of the dread Beast of the Book of Revelation. The Bible describes him as the ultimate villain in human history. He is the archetype of evil. He is the very incarnation of wickedness and perversion. It is not at all surprising then that many of the brightest minds throughout history have sought to identify and expose him.

Unfortunately, a great majority of those diligent detectives missed one of the most important clues-if not the most important clue-to solving the mystery. That clue according to Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., is when and to whom the Apostle John actually wrote the Book of Revelation in the first place.

Following that clue, he is able to blow away the dusts of time that have masked the evil culprit's identity for so very long. Like any good detective, Dr. Gentry lets the evidence speak for itself and he lets you weigh all the facts to decide for yourself. But be forewarned: He has constructed an iron-clad case. This book is thus likely to revolutionize your interpretation of the mystery of the Beast-and the rest of the Book of Revelation as well.

Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: American Vision (March 1, 2002)
Language: English

You can download a free PDF copy of this book here.

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