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Against Dispensationalism
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Against Dispensationalism: Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy

Format: DVD/NTSC/Color/Stereo
Encoding: Region Free
Language: English
Approximately 420 minutes
Year: 2009

These seven lectures were filmed at's 2008 Conference, "Against Dispensationalism: Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy." The three speakers are former dispensationalists:

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (Th.D.), Director of
Kenneth G. Talbot (Ph.D.), President, Whitefield Theological Seminary
Jerry Johnson (M. Phil.), CEO of

This two DVD set is divided into seven segments totaling nearly seven hours of lectures:

1. "Literally Abused: The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism" (Johnson)
2. "The Harlot Rides the Beast" (Gentry)
3. "Not All of Israel is Israel" (Johnson)
4. "Matthew and the Demise of Israel" (Gentry)
5. "Against Dispensationalism" Part I (Talbot)
6. "Against Dispensationalism" Part II (Talbot)
7. Roundtable Discussion (Q&A)

These lectures provide deep insights into both dispensationalism's errors, as well biblical eschatology itself. Recommened for personal study and group Bible study / discussion groups.

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