Liberating Planet Earth

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Liberating Planet Earth
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Liberating Planet Earth

Does the Bible have answers for the complex challenges of Marxism, Communism, Liberation Theology, and New Age Humanism?

Yes. Absolutely.

Desperate cries for liberation sound around the globe. Oppression, injustice, and abject need pockmark every continent and every nation. Quite naturally, Marxists, Socialists, and various other Humanists rush in to exploit the discontent with promises of liberty and justice for all.
Sadly, the Church has not responded in kind. Bible teachers and professional theologians have either bought the lies of the Humanists or they have been altogether silent. They simply don't have answers.

But the Bible does.

In this volume of the ground breaking Biblical Blueprint Series,
Dr. Gary North outlines specifically what those answers are. He demonstrates that the only true hope for liberating the nations is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us what to do, when, where, how, and why. It offers us a "blueprint" for liberation. Liberating Planet Earth lays out that "blueprint" simply, practically, and understandably.

Softcover 190 pages.
You can download an entire PDF copy of this book here.

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