Early Church Fathers versus Universalism


Maturation of Church doctrine through history is not linear. It winds, slows, trickles, rushes on and thunders over rapids like an ever-flowing river. There is always growth and directional flow towards the mouth. It meanders and cuts through resisting rock, stone and dirt. But is ever maturing as it moves toward the goal. As the church matures in history her doctrine matures with her. Christ progressively sanctifies and cleanses His bride in time and history. One means God has employed to accomplish such maturity is Church councils fine tuning orthodoxy through formulating creeds, confessions of faith and catechisms. As the kingdom of Christ matures and grows so do Her subjects. Continual reformation is inevitable for individuals and the body. You cannot unscramble an egg. Doctrinal reformation is always occurring. It is either consistent or inconsistent with the Law-Word of God. As soon as the Church thinks the battle is over and no more reformation is required, ground is lost.

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Early Church Fathers and Limited Atonement

early church fathers

Church history is not static and various doctrines have been developed over time as the church has matured. The early church fathers certainly were inconsistent with many things. Limited atonement was prsent in the early church but it was held inconsistently. Our forefathers in the faith did not get everything right all of the time. Some have argued that the doctrine of limited atonement was not present in early Christian writings. This could not be further from the truth.

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