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Biblical Worldview Academy 2017

500 years ago Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the Wittenburg Castle door. He was standing on the shoulders of giants; John Wyclif, Peter Waldo, Jan Hus, William Tyndale, Thomas a Kempis and many others. on 31 October 1517 the Reformation exploded. No area of life was left unturned. Everything was examined with the light of the Scriptures. All of the Bible was used to answer questions about faith and life.  

In this year's academy, we are exploring how the Reformation shaped western culture. We will also learn what our nation would have been like if Islam and Sharia Law became our bedrock instead of Christ.


4th November 2017 @ 2:00pm | Wellspring Anglican Church

  • Dr. Joel McDurmon
    Sola Gratia - our legacy & inheritance
    What was the Reformation & how did it shape Western Civilisation?
  • Rev. Samuel Green
    Solus Christus - the Sharia alternative
    How did Islam shape civilisation and what would the West look like under Sharia?
  • Dr. Joel McDurmon
    Sola Scriptura - lordship & culture

    Culture is the public manifestation of religion. How should Christians relate to and participate in culture? 
  • Rev. Samuel Green
    Sola Fide - responding to modern Islam 
    Do we serve the same god? How do we answer Islam? Should we fear Muslims?
  • Mr. Jim Collins
    Politcal update
    Australian freedoms under attack. What is going on and how should we respond?
  • Dr. Joel McDurmon
    Soli Deo Gloria - sovereignty, justice & law
    Does the Bible advocate political pluralism? What is the Biblical way forward?

About the speakers

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D., is president of American Vision and has authored over a dozen books including: Restoring America One County at a Time; The Bible & War in America; Biblical Logic in Theory and Practice; God versus Socialism; The Return of the Village Atheist; and Jesus v. Jerusalem. Dr. McDurmon is also featured in several audio and video lectures on various topics of economics, apologetics, and church history. He has served with American Vision since 2008. Joel and his wife have four sons and one daughter.

Samuel Green is married and has five children. He became a Christian while at university and has been involved in various Christian ministries. Since 1999 he has worked with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) as a campus evangelist and Islamic Engagement Director. He is also a writer for the Answering Islam website and an Anglican Interfaith Chaplain. Engaging with Islam is one of Samuel's main interests and he does this through writing, training, evangelism, lectures and debates. He and his family attend an Anglican church. Samuel has degrees in theology (MTC) and chemical engineering (UNSW). He is a marriage counsellor with Prepare/Enrich. Samuel has written the Engaging with Islam training course.

Jim Collins, B Min, BSc, is the Tasmanian State Director and National Development Officer for FamilyVoice Australia. Originally from the UK, Jim has a background in corporate advisory and business analysis work. After retraining at Morling Theological College, Jim has worked as a Christian speaker and writer, including a role as assistant pastor at Seaforth Baptist Church in Sydney. He has co-authored two photo-story books, Love in Action: Taking Action Against Poverty and Love in Action: HEAL Africa. Both books document inspiring stories of people's lives being transformed when God's love is lived out in practical ways. Jim's passion is to help people grasp the joyful wonders of God's Kingdom good news - and how Jesus' love, truth, justice and mercy impacts the whole of life.


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