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Charles Spurgeon's insightful analysis of sending children to secular schools is a good Biblical warning to Christian parents who are considering Australian state schools. 

"There is yet a third way of sinning against the child, which plan was actually tried upon Joseph - they sold him - sold him to the Midianite merchantmen. They offered twenty pieces of silver for him and his brothers readily handed him over for that reward. I am afraid that some are half inclined to do the same now! It is imagined that now that we have School Boards, we shall not need Sabbath schools as much, but may give over the young to the Secularists. Because the children are to be taught the multiplication table, they will not need to be taught the fear of the Lord! Strange reasoning, this! Can geography teach them the way to Heaven, or arithmetic remove their countless sins? The more of secular knowledge our juveniles acquire, the more will they need to be taught in the fear of the Lord! To leave our youthful population in the hands of secular teachers will be to sell them to the Ishmaelites! Nor is it less perilous to leave them to the seductive arts of Ritualists and Papists. We who love the Gospel must not let the children slip through our hands into the power of those who would enslave their minds by superstitious dogmas! We sin against the child if we hand it over to teachers of error!

The same selling of the young Joseph can be effected by looking only to their worldly interests and forgetting their souls. A great many parents sell their children by putting them out as apprentices to men of no character, or by placing them in situations where ungodliness is the paramount influence."

Charles Spurgeon, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, Our Lord's Preaching No. 3237, a sermon published on Thursday, February 16, 1911, the quotes are from pp. 9-10)

Australian Christian parents: please prayerfully and faithfully remove your children from state schools. It is your Christian, Gospel, duty to ensure that your children's teachers and their curriculum honour Jesus as the King in every area of faith and life (including studies, tutors, sports etc). Australian state schools are not an option for Australian Christians who want to honour and glorify God. Our state schools teach children to hate God and His Law. They instruct children in ungodliness, by design. You have options. Home education and Christian schooling provides faithful alternatives to sending your children to be trained in sinfulness by the enemies of the Gospel.

Let's have a very quick look at a big issue of our day. The Bible clearly states that it is God who determines good from evil. He is the objective standard of morality. As Christian parents we are to train our children in righteousness and we are not to put stumbling blocks in front of them. If we expose our children to a system/worldview that redfines good and evil from a subject, secular humanistic perspective we are placing are children at great danger and sinning. This is what the Tasmanian Education Department says re LGBTI and makes it clear that this is what ALL Tasmanian state schools must accept and enforce:

  • "ensuring the school curriculum contains appropriate content in relation to LGBTI students, particularly providing inclusive relationship and sexuality education
  • developing a school policy that affirms sexual and gender diversity
  • implementing evidence based programs for challenging homophobia and transphobia
  • providing professional development for all staff in challenging homophobia and transphobia."

If you send your children to our state/public schools you are subjecting them to being instructed by the ungodly in the ways of ungodliness. Good and evil are not subjective. They don't change over time nor across cultures. As Christians we presuppose the Scripture to be truth and without God there is no objective, universal truth. It is time for us as the Tasmanian church to be faithfully obedient to the Lord. We cannot expose your children to the rampant evil instruction and education philosophy of our public schools and expect God to bless us, our churches or our state. We need to understand education through the lens of the Gospel. The discipleship and training of our children is a Gospel issue. We either stand for or against Christ in our children's education. 


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