Giant slaying Gospel


Jesus was crucified on a cross in the public square. His was put to death by the civil government after several monkey trials. It came on the back of shady Sanhedrin kangaroo courts and the Jews demanding His blood upon them and their children (Matthew 27:25). None the less Jesus’ crucifixion was very public. Thus, it must flow that the crucifixion has necessary public ramifications. You cannot be faithful to the message of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus simply in the privacy of your heart and home. You cannot faithfully keep Christianity private. Yes, as an individual you may keep your faith private for a season. But if the Church is faithfully preaching the gospel in the world it cannot be private. You cannot keep the public gospel private.

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Israel and the Church


Israel, is that piece of dirt in the Middle East still central to God's plans? Many believe so. There are huge numbers of Christians who eagerly watch the Middle East news to foretell Christ's return. Numerous modern Christians feel that the ethnic Jews, as a special people, still hold the central role in God’s plans. Even more Christians believe the physical land of Israel is still significant in Biblical prophecy and history. Are these things so?

Understanding the rich Bible story of Israel's mission and how Jesus, Jewish Messiah, fulfilled and transformed Israel and her story through His death, resurrection and ascension. The first century changed the course of history forever. It is the central point of God's dealings with His creation. Christ, the true Jew and Israelite is now the central body to all of God's plans.

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The Book of Revelation


The Book of Revelation has often been misinterpreted. It has been used to justify all sorts of horrendous personal, family and political ideas. And these ideas have had consequences. What you believe about the future and what it holds for yourself, your family, the church and the world impacts how you live now. Your worldview is a package deal. If you believe the end of the world is nigh and then seek to reform society to Scripture you are simply being inconsistent. Inconsistent Christianity is one of the major issues within the church today. In saying this we ought to thank God that Christians who believe the Great Tribulation is around the corner and that a great number (majority) of the Jewish people will soon be destroyed in the battle of Armageddon are inconsistent with their end times view. Praise God that those who have repeatedly depicted the end of all things actually want our nations to repent and return to Christ.

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