An Introduction to Theonomy and Reformed Confessions

religion and politics

Heresy is declared by an ecclesiastical court after due process and adequate trial. Individuals do not pronounce a position to be heretical, the church does. Critics of Theonomy make haste to build various strawmen, proceed to tar them well, grab the masses of churchmen by their emotions and then burn that baby real good. All those with forks and picks stand back, breath in the satisfaction of the toxic, charred remains of Theonomy and its so-called legalism. Only problem is that a strawman is exactly and only that. No matter how many of them you burn, the true position will keep moving forward. The self-gratification of feeling victory over a myth holds no gravitas. The truth wins. God’s Word prevails. “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever” (Is 40:8).

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Theonomy and the Reformation

Heroes of the Reformation

The 16th century Reformation transformed the western world. [1] Many of our societal freedoms were won by men like Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, Knox, Bucer and the like. These men were used by God to impact the world and topple tyrannies. This was accomplished through a return to faithful teaching and preaching of the Bible. The Reformers thundered the Word. They were bold men and often spoke hard words. These men taught that the Word of God applied to all of faith and life. The Bible once again became man’s ultimate standard. Sola Scriptura pulled the rug from under the feet of ecclesiastical and political tyranny.

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Theonomy and the Hobart grapevine 3

Angry Priest

Heresy rolls off the tongue. It’s orgasmic to discernment bloggers. Those who step outside the fundamentalist unbiblical tunnel vision are instantly castrated. Unfortunately, a few Hobart Christian leaders have evidently bathed in those blogs, or should I say bogs. Elements of two-kingdoms (2K) and radical two-kingdoms (R2K) theology seem to undergird at least some of the thinking of these leaders. A number of these men strongly oppose Theonomy. Goo was well and truly spat over our recent conferences. Some do not understand the position; while others continue to misrepresent it. Elements of 2K and R2K theology obscures everything.

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What is theonomy

ten commandments large1

The theonomic position as outlined by Dr Greg Bahnsen.

Dr. Van Til taught us that "There is no alternative but that of theonomy and autonomy" (Christian-Theistic Ethics, p. 134). Every ethical decision assumes some final authority or standard, and that will either be self-law ("autonomy") or God's law ("theonomy"). While unbelievers consider themselves the ultimate authority in determining moral right or wrong, believers acknowledge that God alone has that position and prerogative.

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The Christian Vote - Australia 2016

Turnbull's leadership

There is a political myth floating around this election. It concerns wasted votes. Pressure is being applied by the Liberal Party in particular. The saying is: a vote for a minor party is a vote for same sex mirage therefore vote 1 Liberal. This is a faulty argument. Why? God never demands us to vote for the lesser of two evils; and the Liberal Party is part of the problem. You can read my first blog regarding this topic here.

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