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Turnbull's leadership

There is a political myth floating around this election. It concerns wasted votes. Pressure is being applied by the Liberal Party in particular. The saying is: a vote for a minor party is a vote for same sex mirage therefore vote 1 Liberal. This is a faulty argument. Why? God never demands us to vote for the lesser of two evils; and the Liberal Party is part of the problem. You can read my first blog regarding this topic here.


Slippery slopes and quagmires

If we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils our society will continue to degenerate. God requires faithful obedience to Him and His Law in all of faith and life (1 Corinthians 10:31). Our vote is important. It counts. Our duty is to select righteous civil ministers (Exodus 18:21, Romans 13: 4-6). We can sin with our vote. None of this infers that we must vote for a Liberal Party candidate. Actually it’s quite the opposite.

It is true, the Liberals are generally the lesser of two or three evils when considering the Australian majors. They are more conservative than the others. They have defended freedom and Christian values in the past. They have a rich heritage of small government, minimal intervention and lowering taxes. But things have changed. Perhaps the past was rosy; not so sure though. Unfortunately, in recent times the Liberals have passed many laws that have restricted freedoms and encroached on family and church. The Howard regime introduced 10s of thousands of pages of legislation that further swamped the Australian people in heavy handed bureaucracy. Mr Abbott was a good leader in a limited way. He stood for marriage and was against abortion. That was righteous. However, he was also a corporatist like his conqueror Malcolm Turnbull. This is bad for the little man; but it’s favourable for big corporations. Government induced monopolies (who are governed by legislation/regulations) abound under corporatist rule.

The Liberals have shifted focus from their early days. They have been dragged to the left, especially regarding government intrusion and economics. A breed of socialism undergirds almost the entire Australian political spectrum. The Liberal Party is infected with this heinous disease. Yes, they are less socialistic than the other big parties but their leftward drift is more than steady. This is the problem. Christianity, the Bible, advocates limited civil government, low taxes and no mass redistribution of wealth. Civil government is meant to be a small outfit; not minion upon minion of politicians and their bureaucrats. We must remember that theft is theft, even if it is being perpetrated by people in government against citizens. Men are to be able to provide for their family. When the civil government taxes (to redistribute) a man’s wealth to such a degree that he struggles to provide for his family without a double income household, the civil government is sinning. We are at that point in Australia. Men ought to be able to work for him and his family to eat. Households should not be reliant on forced redistribution from back pockets of their neighbours.

A vote for a Liberal candidate keeps us slipping down the slope into the quagmire of tyrannical civil government. The Liberal Party is part of the problem. They are dragging us further and further from the Biblical framework for civil government.

Heads and tails

In Australia your vote for a candidate is also a vote for the party. The major concern I have with voting for the Liberal Party in our electorates is that it’s a vote for Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal leader. A vote for Mr Turnbull is an unfaithful vote against God's Law. Amongst other things, he holds to same sex mirage. He does not fit the Exodus 18:21 requirements for a political leader. The Liberal Party likewise fails the Exodus 18:21 mandate until they change leaders and policies concerning theft (redistribution of wealth), refugees (allow families and churches to freely support foreigners), marriage (maintain the Biblical definition), plan to reduce taxes to a single tax that is a flat rate of 10% (in a generation, with 0% business tax), plan to exit areas that are not within the civil government’s sphere of sovereignty (e.g. health, education etc). Yes, a vote for Labor or the Greens is worse, far worse. But I am not advocating this.

We should also look at the Liberal Party’s track record in Tasmania. They were given a clear mandate by the Tasmanian people, especially Christians. Will Hodgman and his Liberal Party have not sought to reverse any of the abominable laws introduced by Labor; e.g. abortion. So, this plus how dishonest Mr Turnbull has been (e.g. the Abbott assassination and other backflips) adds doubt as to whether we can trust Malcolm Turnbull with marriage and other important issues. Our expectation must be set high. Politicians are ministers of God (Romans 13:4). We must therefore select people who are upright, honorable and trustworthy. Malcolm Turnbull does not meet the requirements for a godly leader (Exodus 18:21, Romans 13:4-5).

Unscrambling an egg

So, here's the thing: God never ever says choose the lesser of two evils. David fought Goliath. He did not use Saul’s armor or sword. He stood in faith, against all odds, and defeated the giant. God commands us to be courageous and faithful in every situation. All Christians ought to assess candidates and their parties by the Law of God. If we do this God will be faithful.

You cannot unscramble an egg by separating the yolk and white. A new egg is needed for an omelet. Faithful senators and members are required. I encourage all Christians to vote for a minor party like CDP, Australian Christians or Family First. Don't fall for the age old political lie that the Liberal Party has touted. When you are faithful with your vote, it will not be wasted. In the long run God blesses faithfulness. A mass Christian vote for minor Christian parties will rattle the big boys’ cages. They will listen to the voice of the Australian people if we have the courage and faith to vote in mass for a faithful candidate AND party. Don't forget, a vote for a candidate is a vote for the party and its leader, the two are inseparable.

Don't waste your vote

Australia needs change. We need to send the Liberal Party and the other majors a message. If they do not put forward godly candidates and make Biblical policy we will not support them. Our vote is conditional. Christian, don't waste your vote this election by selecting an ungodly leader and party. If you want change have faith and choose a candidate and party who meet the requirements of Exodus 18. Use Exodus 18:21 as you basic guide; "moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens."

A true waste of a vote is to select a candidate and his/her party that does not fit Exodus 18:21. A true waste of vote is to place Liberal, Labor or Greens above CDP, Family First, Australian Christians (or another faithful outfit). My number 1 vote is not going to a major party in any of the houses.

Read up

Here are some useful resources for the 2016 Federal election...

1. Australian Christian Lobby - just scroll down to Know Where The Parties Stand for further info.
2. Family Voice's Australian Christian Values Checklist. This is a relatively good snapshot, however it does advocate wealth redistribution (i.e. theft) which is not appropriate. I would therefore reconsider all of the questions that involve "funding" (i.e. wealth redistribution) and advocate that a negative answer to them is good. This is a good resources as it includes party and candidate positions for some questions.

CVC 2016

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