There's a Dark MOFO a-rising

dark mofo 2017

A lyrical approach to Dark MOFO 2017, prior to a more detailed critique of David Walsh and his cultural revolution. Thanks, Creedence Clearwater Revival! It makes it better if you hum There's a Bad Moon A-Rising while reading.

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The war on drugs

war on drugs

The war on drugs has cost the western world. Australian civil governments have ploughed huge sums of money into policing, courts, rehabilitation programs, hospitals and other medical care, social security and a raft of other things. As always the bill is footed by Australian taxpayers via the theft of wealth redistribution. And we love it! We want more to be done by our civil governments. Why? Like the Jews in Moses' day, we love slavery. The food and drink are good.

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Love is Love

love is love

Catchphrases are about us everywhere. These tiny slogans, often only using a few words, are the droplets of a distilled philosophy. As the droplet hangs, it gorges itself on the rays of light emanating from the full philosophy and then diffuses the philosophy into the world as a bright, eye-catching display of colour. Many are bedazzled by this light display. The pretty lights, dancing before our eyes, are intoxicating and mesmerising. The trouble is that while your view is obscured by the coloured lights, someone is picking your pockets!

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Dark MOFO and Christianity

Dark MOFO Winter Feast

**Language warning for the faint of heart**

Hobart is considered a Mecca for alternative art and food. Fresh produce and dark art comingle. Trade is booming. It’s all about the economy, right? Let’s leave the food for another discussion. Artists are a free lot. They don’t want stupid rules. Norms are there to be challenged. Laws are made to be bent and broken. Artistic expression transcends all things. So we are led to believe. Every raised eyebrow and furrowed brow is a sign of a bygone era, an age of religious bigotry. And it was boring as all hell anyway. Are you with me?

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Hostage videos from the Sydney Siege


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the kidnapped hostages who were wickedly murdered in Sydney this morning.

Here are the four hostage videos released onto social media by the Islamist who kidnapped and murdered two in Sydney. It is clear that this "siege" was an Islamic act of war and terror; it was consistent Islam.

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